Message from the Founder and Supervisor

Grace Christian Academy (formerly known as Almitas Academy) is a not-for-profit Christian private school. We believe that every child is unique and talented in his/her individual way and can be nurtured to his/her full potential. We also believe parents are the main influencer of their children. Therefore, we strive to partner with parents in providing a holistic education with our individualized program to meet their individual needs.

Being a non exam-oriented education institution, we assess students in every aspect, from physical and intellectual development to emotional and spiritual growth. Instead of gearing towards academic success alone, we believe a person with a strong foundation of character is able to withstand life challenges and become a mature and more developed person. Therefore, we emphasize character development and incorporate character building seamlessly into the curriculum so that it is not a subject by itself.

In heeding a social need, we further extend our service to a group of unique children who have difficulties assimilating into the society. These children are often misunderstood by the general public but we are convinced that they are gifted in their own ways. We are confident in our abilities to groom them to their full potential by working closely with their parents.

We believe our God is a healer and a provider. In addition to educating our students with great enthusiasm and passion, we are committed to fostering their personal growth and well-being with earnest and ceaseless prayer. It is our deepest desire to develop and nurture our students to their full potential so that they shall become caring, independent and responsible citizens and positive contributors to the society.

Love in Christ

Chan-Yeo Peck Leng (Mrs)
Founder & Supervisor
Grace Christian Academy
And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. Luke 2:52