Our Curriculum

Every child is unique and a comprehensive curriculum is crucial for bringing a child to excellence. We strive to incorporate character building in every program we have, from arts to sports; from academic to empirical learning.
Our curriculum is tailor-made to bring out the best in every child. It comprises of a rich variety of programs: an individualized Christian academic program in English and Chinese, Art and Photography, Chinese Calligraphy, Choir, Speech and Drama, Physical Education, Situation Training, Community Service, Field Trip and Outdoor Education. It is a unique curriculum that is characterized by three features: Bible-based, character-oriented and individualized.
Proverbs 22:6 tells us to “train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Our Academy endeavors to train up each and every child as they proceed from their Primary years through to Secondary and beyond. Through our enriched and comprehensive curriculum, students will be encouraged to reach for their full potential, including and not limited to academic success. Students graduating with our high school diploma will be able to apply directly to their college or university of choice, both locally and internationally.

Academic Program:
An individualized Christian academic program in English and Chinese

Our English academic program consists of English, Etymology, Literature and Creative Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Each workbook contains a Bible verse and a theme of character for students to learn, memorize and internalize in their everyday living.
As part of the global trend, Chinese is taught in Mandarin with simplified characters. Besides closely monitoring students’ presentation and communication skills through various poems and articles, we will teach students to use simplified characters while maintaining their knowledge and association with traditional characters to enable them to be global communicators. All passages in our program are specially composed or selected to bring forth and deepen the cultural values and patriotic spirit of our students, encouraging them to have a sense of belonging and a desire to serve our country.

Creative Programs:
Art and Photography
Art and Photography are taught to inspire and enable students to see and appreciate the beauty in God's creation. When students are able to appreciate the beauty of all that God has created around them, they will also be inspired and equipped to engage with our Creator through works of their own creativity.

Chinese Calligraphy
Through Chinese Calligraphy, students learn the beauty and importance of the characters of patience and perseverance. In addition, they will grow in their understanding of their Chinese heritage, and gain from appreciating this rich and diverse culture.

In Choir, students learn to use their diaphragm to sing and in the process, their vocal abilities and techniques are being increased. Through this, they can learn to sing beautiful praises to God and worship Him for all His glory and works in their lives.

Speech and Drama
Speech and Drama are aimed at enhancing the self-confidence of students and enabling them to express themselves eloquently. Through the ongoing drilling, training and reinforcement of all-round speaking techniques, we evaluate students’ self-awareness of posture and the use of voice and gestures. Students would also come across the etiquettes of being a presenter and an audience member, and the rationales behind them. In the learning process, students will have their character reinforced as according to the Bible.

Physical Program:
Physical Education

In the pursuit of nurturing our students as independent and self-confident leaders in society, Physical Education plays a crucial role to build up and integrate a child’s physical and emotional capacities.
Through a series of team-building and various physical activities, students are able to learn different skill sets, as well as, the importance of focus, self-discipline and teamwork in life.

Life-Skill Program:
Situation Training

Situation Training is a pragmatic program that teaches students the proper behavior, manners and etiquettes in different situations. After a series of regular training and reinforcement on life skills, Bible-based character traits are implanted in the heart of each student. As students grow, these life skills will prepare them to live life and face situations with perseverance.

Experiential Programs:
Community Service
After learning much about character building in the classroom, students are given opportunities to live out these character traits in public, such as through serving the elderly in a nursing home. Through community services, a sense of responsibility, and the virtues of helping and serving the needy lovingly in the community would be developed.

Field Trip and Outdoor Education
Inspired by the borderless classroom concept, we extend our classroom into nature and the public domain to enable our students to apply what they have learned at the Academy into a wider spectrum of environments and circumstances. As we are grooming our students to become servant leaders, as well as, respectable men and women in society, having them practice their leadership skills, social etiquette and character traits in a wide range of realistic environments will enable them to internalize these skills and values. In the process, the students will also enjoy bonding time with their schoolmates as they learn about various themes such as interdependence and teamwork, culture, history, technology, conservation and sustainability of nature, and more.
And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. Luke 2:52