Pray For Us

We believe our God is a healer and a provider. In addition to educating our students with great enthusiasm and passion, we are committed to foster their personal growth and well-being with earnest and ceaseless prayer. It is our deepest desire to develop and nurture our students to their full potential so that they shall become caring, independent and responsible citizens and positive contributors to the society.

One of the most important and easiest ways to support us is with your prayers. We have witnessed God's answer to prayer and His guidance time and time again so we really do covet your prayers. Students are taught not only to make petitions in prayer but also count God's blessings and say prayers of thanksgiving. If you are a parent at Grace Christian Academy, we encourage you to teach your child to pray and pray with them regularly for the Academy. Please include the items below in your prayers.

Pray that health and safety be laid upon them, possessing a teachable spirit, an open mind and heart to learn besides positive relationships with teachers and schoolmates.

Pray that all parents make time and effort for their precious children.
Pray that parents partner closely and joyously with the Academy to nurture their children to their full potential.
Pray that parents are preparing a warm and loving home for spending quality bonding time with their children, and be proactive in continuing the Academy's teaching back home.

Teachers and Staff
Pray that the teachers have wisdom from the Lord to teach students with love, patience and passion.
Pray that all staff are empowered and energized to face each new day and there are teamwork and co-operation in the conducive environment of the Academy.

New Academy Premises
Pray that God will provide new premises for the Academy, which is at a location convenient to all students and parents.
And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. Luke 2:52