And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. Luke 2:52
Join Our Ministry

We are looking for patient, caring, diligent and responsible teachers/staff who are passionate in education, have a strength of character and a teachable heart to be trained by the management to fulfill the Academy's mission and goals.

If you are a qualified candidate who feel called to use your gifts to serve in our ministry to transform lives and expand God's Kingdom, we look forward to your joining our team. Fresh graduates are welcome too. As we are a Christian school, we would like you to share with us how you came to know the Lord and your walk with Him.

1. Administrative Assistant with book-keeping knowledge
Deal with day-to-day administrative issues and provide management support service to ensure smooth operation of the Academy.

    Job Requirement
* Organized, responsible and detailed
* Good interpersonal and communication skills
* Hands-on PC skills in MS Word and MS Excel
* Good command of spoken and written English and Chinese
* Knowledge of Mandarin is an advantage
* 1-2 years relevant experience will be an advantage
* Degree/Diploma in Accounting or related disciplines is a benefit

In accordance with the Academy's vision, we desire our teachers to prioritize character development in our students before academic teaching.

2. English Teacher, native speaker preferred (Full/Part Time Position)
3. Mandarin Teacher, native speaker preferred (Full/Part Time Position)
4. Art Teacher (Full/Part Time Position)
5. Music Teacher (Full/Part Time Position)
6. P.E. Teacher (Full/Part Time Position)

Please download and fill up the Staff Application Form, together with your resume, photo and testimony

1) email to or
2) post it to Grace Christian Academy, Recruitment Department, 1/F., 108 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

You may download the Staff Application Form here.




1. 行政助理(具一般会计知识)协助学校处理日常行政工作,提供管理协助以确保学校行政工作的正常运作
* 良好的组织能力,富有责任感,处事细心。
* 良好的人际交往及语言沟通能力。
* 熟练应用办公软件(MS Word、MS Excel)。
* 良好的中英文口语及书写。
* 操熟练普通话,或具1-2年或以上相关工作经历,或具财务及相关学历背景者优先。


2. 英文老师,需为英文母语者(全职/兼职职位)
3. 普通话老师,操标准普通话(全职/兼职职位)
4. 美术老师(全职/兼职职位)
5. 音乐老师(全职/兼职职位)
6. 体育老师(全职/兼职职位)


1) 电邮至或
2) 邮寄至香港北角渣华道108号1楼,培生学校,招聘部门。