Aug 30
Sep 22
Sep 24
Oct 1
Oct 14
Oct 15-22
Dec 3
Dec 20
Dec 23-31

Aug 30
Sep 22
Sep 24
Oct 1
Oct 14
Oct 15-22
Dec 3
Dec 23-31

First Day of School
The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
Field Trip*
National Day
Chung Yeung Festival
GCA Holiday
Parent-Teacher Conference
Designated Holiday by the EDB after Legco Election
GCA Christmas Holiday


Jan 1
Jan 3
Jan 28
Jan 31-Feb 4
Mar 25
Apr 5
Apr 15-22
Apr 15
Apr 19
May 2
May 9
May 14
May 27
Jun 3
Jun 30

The First Day of January
First Day of School in 2022
Sports Fun Day*
GCA Lunar New Year Holiday
Field Trip*
Ching Ming Festival
GCA Easter Holiday

Good Friday
The day following Good Friday
The day following Labour Day
The day following Birthday of the Buddha
Community Service*
Award Day Rehearsal

Tuen Ng Festival
Award Day / Last Day of School

Please note:
This calendar is provided as a reference and may change due to unforeseen circumstances.
* Some school events may be cancelled as per the Education Bureau’s protocol for curbing the spread of COVID-19 virus.
We will make every effort to inform parents as soon as possible if changes are made to scheduled events.